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What Is Knockout Selling Secrets?

Knockout Selling Secrets is NOT another generic book about real estate.

Knockout Selling Secrets, is the Behind-The-Scenes Property Marketing System, That Has Secured Record Prices For Many Of The Owners In The Launceston Property Market, Laid Out On A Silver Platter For You!

If you are a property owner or investor, then this is your definitive guide on how to command top dollar when selling real estate....guaranteed!

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Introducing Knockout Selling Secrets

The NEW Success System For Profiting From The Sale Of Your Property In An Ever-Changing Real Estate Market.

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"It been a real thrill watching David grow from one of the most successful real estate salespeople in his market place, to now owning one of the most successful real estate businesses in Launceston" - Danny Hayes, Owner/Director Hayes Winckle, Newtown, Geelong, & Hightown.

"I've seen David invest a fortune, and travel the country, in order to improve his skills in getting top dollar for his clients. Very few agents I have ever seen go to such lengths for their sellers.
Put him on your shopping list and let him PROVE why he's the one for you."
- Glenn Twiddle - Millionaire Real Estate Agent Coach.

"It been great swapping best practice ideas with David and Renee on how to add more values to clients. I've enjoyed their growth from new start up to Telstra Business Awards Finalist this year and I'm very excited about their future" - Billy Schroeder - Owner/Director Schroeder & Wallis Real Estate.


I want to give you more, and in just a moment I’ll reveal exactly what you’ll discover within the pages of “Knockout Selling Secrets.”

But real estate books are a dime-a-dozen. They’re written by people who talk the talk but often don’t walk the walk. They’ve never been there and done it to any real degree of success for their clients or themselves.

And More...

As soon as you secure your limited edition free copy of “Knockout Selling Secrets” we'll text you a unique code to give you access to a bonus market report for your suburb, as well as many more “inner circle secrets” from behind the Knockout Selling Secrets curtain.

23 Proven In-The-Trenches Strategies For Getting A Record Price, The "$55,000 Profit Secret"  When Selling Your Property, ... All By Stressing Less & Making More...

  • The #1 Gift I Got, When I Got Sacked From The Biggest Real Estate Franchise In Australasia (Even When I Was The Number One Agent In Tasmania) That Took Me From Being Unemployed To Owning One Of The Fastest Growing Boutique Real Estate Companies In The Country In Two Short Years. (page 7)
  • Three vital skills you need to look for when choosing an agent (page 10)
  • Access to My Little Black Book  - Links and contact details to the professionals I use for my clients every day that can save you time, money and frustration headaches at every point - from preparing your home for sale, right through to after settlement. (page 12)
  • 44 of your neighbours put pen to paper and exposed how I treated them. Real life recent testimonies from people in our small city. There's a BIG CHANCE you'll know a few of them. (pages 13 to 29)
  • Create the unfair advantage. 121 ways to inexpensively create Strong Emotional Pulling Power that immediately separates your property from the hundreds of other properties on the market. (page 32)

And that's only the first 58 pages...
Keep reading and you'll also discover:

  • Addressing the single greatest challenge for most property sellers. (page 65)
  • How to ask smart, researched-based questions. Learn the best websites and other media to research. (page 67)
  • Marketing, Price, And Missing A Sale. 3 critical points you must be aware of before you go to market (even if you're selling the property yourself) - Not covering these could cost you a fortune! (page 71) 
  • The pros and cons of choosing an agent or going it alone and selling by yourself - Most agents are afraid to have this conversation with you. I'm not - but maybe that's because I can generate an average $55,000 more in higher prices paid for the properties of my clients compared to the average agent. Nevertheless, I want you to be informed about this issue. (page 74)
  • 15 vital steps to sourcing an agent - miss these and you may as well give your home away! (page 77) And if you've discovered the hard way that you've chosen a dud, don’t worry – I can fix this for you.
  • The Good, Bad and The Ugly of every method of sale available to you. Why some methods are better than others depending on what your goals are. (page 84)
  • How the wonders of professional marketing can work magic for you. Everything from open homes, signs, phone calls, flyers, email campaigns, website marketing, social media marketing, and newspaper advertising. I explain these and give you the most important questions to ask to help you navigate the marketing and media jungle. (page 89)
  • How to process feedback from the market place. (page 106)
  • How to legally spy on any real estate agent in Australia. I give you the insider website to view the performance of any real estate agent in Australia. This will shock you!
  • Plus much, much more...

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Let me be clear: 

This is not a book that will give you more to add to your "to-do" list.

It is based on experience, on years of success, and on proven models used by everyday people in Launceston to achieve the absolute top dollar available in any given market - many of them achieving the highest recorded sales prices in history.

YES... using the exact same techniques I've outlined in this FREE book.

And that's why my company's success has sky-rocketted, and I am one of the most trusted and successful real estate agents in the country.

The goal of Knockout Selling Secrets is to help you find the levers that can dramatically increase your property's price. The vital inputs that, once identified, can have the most dramatic outputs.

Right now, people with less intelligence and less motivation to sell than you are achieving amazing results, selling properties with zero stress, record prices, and in a short space of time (Why aren’t you?)

This process is designed to remove friction, resistance, and FREE you up to move forward with clarity AND a strategy that you can apply right this instant.

It's for you to feel in control, experience real power, confidence, and awareness in relation to selling property.

My Promise: Everything in here WORKS. Not just that, but it’s incredibly simple for any seller to use.

I want you to sell your property FAST and for A LOT of MONEY. I don’t want you taking out extra loans, or adding more stress on you and your family, as you lie awake at night feeling out of control in the process or wondering if your guess of choosing an agent will work out for you or end up costing you a fortune.

So many property owners have been there … and it sucks! Through constant training and immense commitment to hundreds of sellers, I've learnt how to fast-track property success for my clients, and now it’s your turn …

How To Get Started...

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My aim was to make this available free of charge to as many people as possible, but we only running this offer for a limited time!

Why wait? It’s free, and by dwelling on the decision, all you do is delay your chance of greater success, and risk potentially losing tens of thousands of dollars by not knowing the contents of this book.


Well, there are actually a few reasons...

1. This is the book I WISH someone had given me 17 years ago!

It would’ve saved me years of unnecessary struggle and wasted money listening to the wrong people. Knockout Selling Secrets IS my life’s work and I’m on a mission to get it into as many property owners' hands as fast as humanly possible! And there is NO Better Way Than To Simply GIVE IT AWAY FREE! 

2. Your Can’t Fake Real-World Experience and Wisdom

Bluntly, I’ve been underground, in-the-trenches, building my business by generating amazing results for my clients. There are so many “gurus” teaching advice and dumb, lazy agents that will screw you up and have your more confused than ever. 
At the age of 36, and father of 2 and a husband, I want YOU to have a real -world coach and friend who has been there and is still doing it!

Every word in this book comes from experience or the experience I’ve modelled! If I am a fake, you can find out for free.

If I’m the real deal, you’ll find out for free.

3. Speed!

I’m confident that the Knockout Selling Secrets will not only help skyrocket the price for your property, but it will simplify the process for you and greatly reduce your stress levels by putting you in control of the entire selling process.

I know if I help you do that, you’ll maybe do business with me in the future or recommend me to someone you care about. So, for ME and YOU, it’s a win-win!

4. There is Nothing Like It! 

There are concepts in this book that I never read anywhere, but learned from being in the real estate grind and discovered by training and partnering with some of the best performing real estate agencies, marketing experts, and peak performance coaches in the world.

Honestly, it’s a big risk on my part, because I’m trying to pull off something no one has done before in this market, but why not!

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David Parry


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